Christmas Crunchtime is Here … Are YOU Ready?

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Christmas Crunchtime is Here … Are YOU Ready?

xmasTwas some weeks before Christmas and I called my friend Tom

Told him I met the perfect girl on;

I looked at the Calendar and yelled with a scare

How do I even get her a present over there?;

“Just send her an e-card” my friend Tom said

While visions of her disappointment danced in my head;

And then I remembered with the speed of a snap

It was in front of my face like a cold Christmas slap;

Ecards weren’t my thing and my poetry is cheesy

But the Dream-Marriage holiday catalog makes gift giving easy!;

Yes it is that time of year again. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since my last gift email but you know how time flies when you are having fun (or whatever you call it). It has been 366 days since I last discussed my gift giving style and in true man fashion I have not learned my lesson. Instead of just giving bad gifts I have also procrastinated on doing any shopping. We are 2 weeks from Christmas and I have bought zero presents. Not one. Not for lack of funds but because … well I refuse to go to the mall, had zero interest in black Friday crowds and every time I get on the computer to online shop I end up getting sidetracked and 2 hours later I’m looking up the cast of “Charles in Charge” to see what everyone has been up to since the show ended (hint: not much). In a week or so I am going to go on Amazon and use my prime account to buy whatever is actually available and can get to me in time to be wrapped (or even better show up at THEIR house already wrapped) and that will be the end of it.

But you don’t want to be like me and if your sweetie is overseas you CAN’T be like me. If you want to send your beauty a token of your love and you for whatever reason haven’t gotten around to it yet there is no better place to start than the Dream-Marriage holiday gift catalog. This catalog was actually created with input from all of the ladies on the site so you are virtually guaranteed to delight and excite your lady with whatever you choose. Guys you know the deal. They may tell you that they don’t expect anything but you know that only means they do! The best part is we made it easier than ever before. Simply click the gift icon underneath your ladies profile to visit the holiday catalog and choose from a wide range of items that are sure to make her holiday merrier. To steal a line I wrote last year “call it cheating, call it a shortcut, call it whatever you want but remember this a good gift can warm up even the coldest Winter nights (wink wink)”.

Don’t think I have forgotten about those of you who haven’t yet found that one special Russian beauty that deserves a little spoiling. Just because you haven’t met her yet doesn’t mean you have to spend the holidays alone. With the thousands of beautiful, single babes on Dream-Marriage each and every day your future bride could literally be at your fingertips! You may not be smooching under the mistletoe with your lovely lady this Christmas Eve but it doesn’t mean you can’t welcome the New Year in style courtesy of Dream-Marriage video chat. So what are you waiting for? Brownie points are there for the taking and Dream-Marriage is going to do the hard part just for you!

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