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Miss DM 2015 Can’t Wait to Meet You!

After yet another thrilling year of spirited competition a new Miss DM was crowned. This contest was hotly debated from every corner of the world all the way to our own headquarters where it seemed everyone had their own opinion on who they thought would take home the crown. With intrigue in the early rounds (a shocking replacement in the top 10) this one was going to go down to the wire.

After the votes were counted (and recounted to satisfy our own curiosity) your 2015 Miss DM is no other than the stunning Ekaterina. This 25 year old beauty queen hails from Ukraine, is multilingual (English, Chinese and Russian) and works as a teacher. Tall, sexy brunettes not your type? Not to worry there is a lady on DreamMarriage sure to capture your eye if you have ever even considered Russian Dating. I know I have said this before but SAY HI!!!! These women put themselves up for competition for many reasons but the main one is to get the attention of our male members and it would be a shame for them to come home to an empty inbox.

Did you not vote in this years contest? If not I would say you don’t know what you’re missing but thanks to our contest archive you can see JUST what you’ve been missing … as long as you promise not to miss voting on the next one!

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