I’ve Got it Bad (So Bad) I’m Hot For Teacher

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I’ve Got it Bad (So Bad) I’m Hot For Teacher

im3174491_2Remember Van Halen? I don’t know about you but to me there is nothing that says the 80’s quite like the fiery guitar licks and smashing drums that made them so popular. Trust me this is going somewhere (I promise). When the ”Hot For Teacher” video came out the controversial classic was an instant hit with men and boys all over the world who delightd in the idea of lusting over beautiful educators who knew had to party. Today DreamMarriage wants to ask if you are still HOT FOR TEACHER? We have some of the hottest teachers on the planet ready to meet you and maybe teach you a lesson in love. Ok I apologize for that last line but it sounded good in my head and I went with it.

For any of you on social media you know that the last few weeks have been jam packed with pictures of people’s children returning to school. Across America students have been piling into classrooms starting in early August in a time honored tradition of getting the kids out of the house getting our kids off to school. In Russian however the return to school is marked with a huge celebration that dates back to 1984. Knowledge day celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn and has special significance for the incoming class of first graders who often participate in a celebratory assembly to mark the day.

In towns and villages across Russia, well dressed students arrive at school with bunches of flowers and other small gifts. Children are welcomed by the director of school and their teachers and senior students read poetry and perform group songs for the new comers. Older students are tasked with taking the hands of younger pupils and guiding them to class while offering encouragement along the way.

So what does ANY of this have to do with international dating and DreamMarriage? Well the common misconception with International dating is that the women are largely uneducated and unemployed but in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowledge day usually leads to an influx of hot, single teachers joining DreamMarriage for the first time. These women are educated, gainfully employed (and did I mention smoking hot?). Teachers aren’t your thing? Check out some of the other careers of our beautiful DreamMarriage users:

Yoga studio owner

Personal trainer


Physical therapist

Business owner


The list goes on and on and as you can see these women are no slouches. If you are looking for a dedicated, hardworking, supportive and successful partner then look no further than the ladies of DreamMarriage.  Dozens of smoking hot teachers have joined in the last few weeks and I am sure they can use a little encouragement and a bit of a distration now that the school year has started. So what are you waiting for? Dust off your spandex, grab your double neck guitar out of the basement, click the link HERE and just try not to sing “Hot for Teacher”…. I double dare you.

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