Rock Star Dating … on a Fast Food Salary!

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Rock Star Dating … on a Fast Food Salary!

2I get a lot of emails …. A LOT. I know, I know we ALL get a lot of emails and how much worse can my inbox be? Trust me when I tell you that mine is worse (or maybe it isn’t but for the sake of argument let’s just pretend it is). I got an email today from a client who couldn’t wait to share his story with me and after reading his email I knew this was something I would have to share. “Tom” is 29 years old and divorced. He worked as a handyman for a number of years but when his company folded he found it difficult to find work in his smaller town and ended up taking a job with a national fast food restaurant. “Tom” said that dating had always been somewhat difficult for him due to his shyness but getting the job at the fast food restaurant was “the nail in his dating coffin”. After a solid year of being rebuffed and ridiculed for doing honest work “Tom” saw one of our online ads and joined DreamMarriage. Is Tom married today to one of our smoking hot Russian girls? No! Tom was not looking for marriage when he signed up for the site. He was looking for companionship, he wanted to flirt with pretty girls and he honestly joined because he liked the idea that it was free. In the last 6 months Tom has chatted with dozens of women, exchanged emails with a few and has gotten serious with one special woman. He said the thing that impressed him the most was that at no time was his job ever an issue and often it did not come up at all. Tom said he never would have imagined being able to talk to so many gorgeous women who wanted HIS attention and that he feels like a “rock star” every time he logs into DreamMarriage.

So what does this mean to you? Many of us have felt the sting of rejection before because we don’t make enough money, hold enough prestige, etc. but there is another way. What may seem like a “meager salary” here would be considered big money in Ukraine (where the average salary is less than $200 us dollars per month) but more importantly you can actually get to know someone without your salary being a barrier to a relationship. We have thousands of lonely Russian girls looking for a guy just like you and of course with more women on the site then men they WILL fight to earn your attention. Are you looking for fun? We have that. Are you looking for a relationship? We have that too. Is it marriage you are after? Well than you came to the right place. DreamMarriage is customizable to be whatever you want, whenever you want it. Send a flirt (or a dozen), read and respond to some emails and when the mood really strikes you enjoy video chat with the lady of your choosing. If that doesn’t sound like rock star treatment I don’t know what does.

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