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Dream Marriage Love Story: Donny and Alina

Alina and Donny…and we’re back with yet another new love story to share with you. Despite the ongoing tensions in Ukraine, a few of our members have managed to continue the pursuit of their dreams like this week’s featured couple for instance:

“I couldn’t hope to meet a man with whom I would find so much in common. I hope that the next time when we will meet I will invite my family, mother, and sister. We will develop our relationship to biggest and purest love in this world…”

Alina V. of Ukraine shared this quote with us in her testimonial back on April 23rd of 2014. As rare as these love stories have been as of late, we hope you can appreciate them for what they are – beacons of inspiration. Keep the dream alive. Your other half is out there and if she happens to be Russian or Ukrainian, she might very well be searching for you too on the Dream Marriage online dating network.

“What Russian Women Want”

To read the rest of Alina’s account of her first face-to-face with Donny, click the above photo of the cute couple. It should reroute you to their love story on the Dream Marriage online dating network. While you’re there, you might as well dig into the scores of other testimonials from Dream Marriage’s featured couples and your fellow members. OR you can just tune back in same time, same place for the next story of love bellowing from our international dating community.

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