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Daria of Lugansk, Dream Marriage’s Bride of the Day

Today’s featured single is a woman of very few words. Whether that is due to the fact that she is a brand new recruit to the Dream Marriage international dating community or because she prefers action over words is mute. What caught the eye of our editorial team was, of course, her portfolio of pics. Dreamers, meet our Russian Bride of the Day Дарья:

I am a classy woman. I am interested in communication. I am dreaming about wedding.”

…and that all but sums up Daria, at least according to what is detailed in her personal profile page. Physically, Daria is quite the specimen. In case you hadn’t noticed, the pretty-petite you see before you has exotic grey eyes and golden brown hair.

What’s In A Name:

What we can tell you is that our darling Daria is from the home to many a pretty face, Lugansk. To earn her keep, Daria has pursued a career as a makeup artist. Did Daria do her own makeup for the photo shoot? That would be a good question to break the ice. Introducing yourself also works.

“Ice Breakers For First Time Chatters”

If you’d like to get to know more about our Russian Bride of the Day, I suggest visit Daria’s profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network and click the “Send A Flirt” and “Email Me” buttons. Daria’s new so reach out and welcome her. While you’re at it, tell her to doll up her profile some more. Inquiring minds want to know.


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