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The Love Story of Natalia & Rab

On the 6th of September 2013, Dream Marriage member Rab H. of the United Kingdom shared this helpful testimonial detailing his trip to Lugansk, Ukraine to meet his lady love, Natalia:

Rab ❤s Natalia

Rab ❤s Natalia

“Seeing Natalia in person just made it all so real and we are looking forward to our future together, so a VERY BIG THANK YOU FROM BOTH NATALIA AND I for making it possible.”

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and these two had been going back and forth over the Dream Marriage online dating network for quite some time. When the time finally came down to it, Rab H. took all the necessary precautions to ensure his first face-to-face with Natalia would happen without any mishaps.

Tips/Advice: “I’m All Packed! Did I Forget Anything?”

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FAQ: “Need A Place To Stay?”

For more love stories featuring couples birthed from the Dream Marriage international dating community, visit the Love Stories section of our website. To hear the rest of Rab H’s testimonial, just click the photo of the happy couple above. Tune in next week for our next loves story highlight.

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