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Romantic City – Donetsk

One of the coolest places in Donetsk is the “Donbass-Arena” – one of the four locations slated to host matches for the 2012 Euro Cup. It is something that you certainly would not want to miss.The stadium is impressive, it has an unusual and shape. No wonder one of its nicknames – “flying saucer”. At the main entrance on the south side, you will see a huge ball-fountain. 28-ton ball spinning pressure jets of water. The diameter of the ball – 2.7 m. They say it is the largest rotating granite ball in the world and sooner or later it will be in the Guinness Book of Records.

Another highlight is the museum of FC Shakhtar – this is the biggest sports museum in the CIS. After the museum you can spend some time walking through the park area of ​​the stadium. On a relatively small territory you can find fountains, man-made rivers and lakes, there was a place even for the rock garden. “Philosopher’s Garden”.
Nearby, lie the main avenues of the park Lenin Komsomol. It was created in honor of the victory in World War II, the park has solemn atmosphere and visitors can hear old music from War times. Park “Lenkoma” now fastest-growing cultural place in the city. Very soon there will be a Musical Park with a huge unique labyrinth, as well as a cascade of fountains.
The “Tsar Cannon” was donated by Moscow to Donetsk. A replica of Moscow’s monument was given to Donetsk in 2001. The mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, wanted for Donetsk’s replica to be less than in Moscow. Conditions are fulfilled, and in size, and length replica is slightly less than the original, but weighs more – 42 tones vs. 39.4. Now local tradition is to throw down coins into the barrel. Then people will be wealthy and happy.

Blacksmith Park

Donetsk for several years held blacksmith festivals. And they have a tradition to leave small gifts, figurines, symbolizing the region from which they came from. Here and there on the fence about 50 characters from all over Ukraine and Russia. There are even exotic mouse, made by Japanese magicians hammer and anvil. 

Then there’s City Park – a patch of land named after Shcherbakov. It is named in honor of Secretary of the Donetsk Regional Party Committee, who held the post in 1936-1938. This park has a bridge that always attracted lovers. Lovers come to the bridge and put locks on lattices of the bridge and throw away keys in the pond, it symbolizes the inseparability of love.

Lock Bridge

If your lady lives in this wonderful city, you would definitely want to visit that bridge, and put one of your own locks on it, and your love will be endless. If you haven’t found your one true love yet, Donetsk could be the place for you to go to. You will find the most beautiful ladies you have ever seen.

Ekaterina-Feb22_mail order brides

Ekaterina from Odessa

Victoria from Donetsk

Victoria from Donetsk

These might come in handy come trivia night. Here are a few lesser known facts about the Ukrainian oblast, Donetsk:
  • Donetsk has a few twin cities of note: Moscow (Russia), Pittsburgh (USA), Bochum (Germany) and Sheffield (UK).
  • Nikita Krushchev, former Premier of the Soviet Union post-Stalin, was born in Yuzovka or what is now known as Donetsk. Other people of note from Donetsk include 2-time Stanley Cup winner Oleg Tverdovsky, legendary pole-vaulter Serhiy Bubka and all-around champion gymnast of the 1996 Olympics, Lilia Podkopayeva. 
  • It rains around 162 days out of the year. If you plan on trekking over to Donetsk, target the summer months when the temperatures are at their warmest. Visit any time between April to September and expect temperatures to range in the high 60s to mid 70s.
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