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The Small Petersburg – Poltava

No one knows precisely when Poltava was initially founded, but according to archaeological findings the city is old enough to carbon date. The city’s 1100th anniversary was celebrated back in 1999. If that seems like a long time, imagine tripping over a clump of buried bones that used to be some caveman’s trusty tool kit. Granted, the stretch of land bordering the northern banks of the Vorskla River did not always bear the name, Poltava, what is for certain is the land’s rich history, particularly when it comes to war.

Like the many other oblasts in the Crimea, Poltava has slipped through the hands of many a conquering nation. The Lithuanians laid claim to the region during the 14th century only to have it taken from them by the Poles. Because “history is written by the victors,”  modern Poltava identifies with its Russian influence. The Poltava Battle of 1709, a decisive battle between the Russians and Swedes, has shaped the very architectural make-up of the city.

In honor of the tsar Peter the First’s victory and, consequently, imperial Russia’s rise to power, the best architects were employed to construct a city that closely resembled St. Petersburg. The finished product, which still stands preserved to this day, is the Round Square – an ensemble cast of 19th century architecture from churches to monasteries (Exaltation of the Cross) and monuments to temples. One of the main must-see attractions is “The Field of Poltava Battle”, which, currently, stands as the only historical-cultural reserve in the entirety of Ukraine. Everything from the landscape to the remaining chunks of battle battered fortresses from the beginning of the 18th century have been preserved in antiquity. Be sure to bring your camera to the Poltava Dendrological Park for a glimpse of 18th century landscaping – truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

All history aside, Poltava is a picturesque town that loves and appreciates the arts and sciences. If you are on a date with a Russian lady you met on the Dream-Marriage online dating network, boy, have we got an itinerary of a date for you. Russian writer and playwright, Nikolai Gogol, spent his formative years studying his craft in Poltava. We advise taking her to the Gogol Theater where you can soak up some authentic Ukrainian culture as presented in dramatic form by local playwrights and artists. The tickets are more than affordable by all and the performances are said to be among the best in all of Ukraine.

Gogol Theater

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Once you pile out of the Gogol Theater, you should find yourself standing on Zhovtneva Street, the main artery pumping foot traffic in Poltava. On this street, you will find scores of restaurants, bars and shops surrounded by distinctive 19th century architecture. Because a dinner and a show is time-tested formula for an amazing date, make your next destination the restaurant, Ivana Hora, which is one of Poltava’s finest dining establishments. Don’t worry, it is not as expensive as you may think. Once you have wined and dined your special Russian lady, there is a lookout point the oversees the expanse of Poltava below. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

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