How to Win Your Russian Woman’s Heart and Keep It

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How to Win Your Russian Woman’s Heart and Keep It

Mr. & Mrs. Anna and Andre P.

Mr. & Mrs. Anna and Andre P.

It is not a very easy task to win a heart of a Russian lady. They are very proud creatures, independent and resourceful. Though you may think life in your country is much better than in Russia, but your lady has been living there all her life and grew very accustomed to it. Another thing to remember is that the family ties in Russia are much, much stronger than in the Western world, especially between women in the family. Your Russian girl may still be living with her parents, and even if not, chances are she talks with her mother on the phone every day, and visits often.

For her to decide to join you in the different country is not an easy choice. You really need to win her heart and make her believe that you can provide a happy life you promise her – and it is not all about money. She needs to believe that you are the most caring, loving, devoted man in the world. In this case she will follow you wherever you go and give you the happiness you did not know exist. So, in order to win your lady’s heart and keep it, you need to remember about cultural differences.

Russian ladies like to be courted in a way you might have forgotten about:

  • Open and hold the door for her.
  • Fill her glass.
  • Help her with her coat.
  • Bring her (and her mother!) flowers.
  • Learn some words in her language.
  • Tell her that she is the most beautiful creature on Earth right after she gets up (with her hair tangled and her eyes puffy).
  • Bring her a little thoughtful gift such as a single rose or a little box of chocolates.
  • Surprise her with a night out in a romantic restaurant or cook an occasional dinner yourself even if it is just a pizza out of the box.
  • Think ahead of time and be ready to buy your wife a calling card or choose a phone plan so she can call her mother as often as she wants, or you can install Skype on your computer if her family and friends has access to the computer.

There are pretty affordable plans on the market so international calls will not ruin your budget. Consider the fact that she will need to go back to her country to visit her parents and siblings at least once a year. Understand the syndrome of culture shock and help her to deal with it. Be ready to greet her mother at your house at least once a year – and maybe pay for it. Also, try to find some local programs to help your wife to learn your language if she needs it.

Think about transportation. If you live in the rural area, provide her with a car and teach her how to drive. Introduce her to your friends and relatives and be sure that they accept her as much as possible. Even more, remember that she is your wife now, and pay enough attention to her even if your ex does not like it.

Find out if there is a Russian store or restaurant in the area and take her there to shop. It is so natural to miss one’s homeland – show her that you understand and support her. Most of all, remember that it takes two to build a happy family and patience will go the long way. Try not to loose your sense of humor and sight of perspective. After all, you have chosen that particular woman to be your better half for some reason, haven’t you? Different cultures melted together will make your family life rich and interesting – if you will allow it to happen.


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