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“Bride of the Day” Victoria from Kherson

“I don’t dream about prince or someone from the fairy tale. I just need simple man who able to understand me and whom I could open and present all my love and passion to.”

Sign: Libra

Sign: Libra

She celebrates her 20th in approximately 20 days from today, but the stream of Russian brides-to-be registering with the Dream Marriage international dating community has seen a steady uptick as of late. The nubile petite you see  before you is our “Bride of the Day”. Dreamers, meet Victoria:

Learn more about Victoria | What’s In A Name: “Виктория”

Physically, Victoria is quite the specimen. At 5’7, the model-esque blue-eyed, brown-haired Russian bride from Kherson was an instant standout among the new members the Dream Marriage online dating network. Make her feel welcome as well as the other new members with a warm greeting message.

ID: 2972644

ID: 2972644

Q/A: “But They’re So Young?!”

Victoria recently started the college year, which could mean her responses might be a little slow. My advice, break the ice by sending her a flirt one day and a message the next. Depending on the time difference between you two, response times will vary. Keep that in mind.

SEE, WATCH, & LEARN more about Victoria by visiting her personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Click either of the photos in this post to be redirected to Victoria’s page or you can enter the ID number 2972644 to pinpoint your search. Not yet a Dream Marriage member?

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