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Dream Marriage YouTube Cover Girl: Karina from Odessa

Making her debut to the Dream Marriage international dating community as September’s last YouTube Cover Girl is Karina:

 I think that each girl is unique and so am I. I don’t like to merge with the crowd, I like to be special.” 

Sign: Virgo

Sign: Virgo

Karina is sporty 21 year old from Ukraine’s sun-drenched beaches of Odessa, an oblast with a track record of beautiful Russian women growing up and living there. Just search our blog with the keyword “Odessa” and see for yourself.

What’s In A Name: “Карина”

You can SEE, WATCH, and LEARN more of petite Karina by logging into Dream Marriage and visiting Karina’s personal profile page. This is an online dating network so if you fancy her, don’t be shy, send her a message and introduce yourself. She is, after all, new to our international dating community.

Tips: “Ice Breakers For First Time Chatters”

For easy access, Dream Marriage members can simply click Karina’s photo to be redirected to her profile page; otherwise, you can use the ID number 3058845 to pinpoint your search. Stay tuned for next week’s YouTube Cover Girl and don’t forget to…

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