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“Bride of the Day” Galina from Odessa

“My life consists of bright and shade sides. And I am walking through it with a smile on my face, no matter how does it really go – good or bad.”

Sign: Sagittarius

Sign: Sagittarius

It never ceases to amaze. The words that fall from these young girls’ mouth reveal that of an old soul, who knows the true value of life’s intangibles. Only 21 years young and yet she already knows her shortcomings and the voids that need to be filled. Dreamers, meet today’s featured Russian bride, Galina:

Learn more about your lady | What’s In A Name: “Галина”

Don’t let the pouty lips fool you. Galina is an upbeat kind of girl from the sunny beaches of Odessa – the Black Sea’s Ibiza. She’s also a cat person, who loves to cook and travel. If that is not enticing enough, perhaps you should venture over to Galina’s profile page to see her full frame photos so you can get a glimpse of her most visible asset, her long legs.

In case you asked, “But They’re So Young!?” READ

Galina is interested in dating a man between the ages of 25 and 50; a man, who can give her “the stability that every woman wants in her life.” Does that sound like you? Are you interested in meeting Galina? Send her a message! Log into your accounts on the Dream Marriage online dating network and invite Galina to chat. You can gain instant access to Galina’s personal profile page by clicking either of the photos in the post.

ID: 3084868

ID: 3084868

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