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“Bride of the Day” Anastasia from Alchevsk

“Imagine a picture of a sweet, nice, cute, and cheerful girl  that loves life, likes people and being with them.”

Sign: Virgo

Sign: Virgo

The beautiful beached creature seen before you is, of course, today’s featured Russian bride, but more importantly, she is the newest member to the Dream Marriage international dating. Dreamers, make the acquaintance of our Russian “Bride of the Day” Anastasia:

Learn more about your lady | What’s In A Name: “Анастасия”

Anastasia is a 20 year old college co-ed from Alchevsk, a small city within the Lugansk oblast. We suggest you check out her “More About Me” section as she does a magnificent job of teasing as is evident in the opening quote above.

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Enough talking from us. You want to learn more about our “Bride of the Day,” visit Anastasia’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network. Click either of the photos in this post to be whisked over to her page.

ID: 3098912

ID: 3098912

NOTE: Profile pages are only accessible to Dream Marriage members.

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