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“Bride of the Day” Irina from Poltava

“I prefer bitter truth than sweet lie. This is my life credo.”

Sign: Saggitarius

Sign: Saggitarius

Hailing from the small Petersburg that is Poltava, today’s featured Russian bride has joined the Dream Marriage international dating community in search of a “kind, clever, interesting man with good sense of humor for serious relationship.” Dreamers, please do make the acquaintance of your Russian “Bride of the Day” Irina:

Learn more about your lady | What’s In A Name: “Ирина”

Irina is a 5’8 with emerald green eyes and flowing blond hair. To put food on the table, she puts food on other people’s table as a waitress. Needless to say, this beautiful 25 year old from Poltava is definite wife material as she already knows how to cater to people.

Send Her A Message” | There’s a right way and a wrong way

Visit Irina’s personal profile page on the Dream Marriage online dating network to learn more about today’s featured Russian bride. Not only will you see more photos and personal information, but you can also catch a glimpse of her in motion by watching her introductory video. If you find your eyes yearning for more, send Irina a message or even a flirt if you can’t think of anything to say. Irina’s new so take the initiative and introduce yourself.

ID: 22245

ID: 22245


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